LGBTQ Expats and Minority Stress

LGBTQ Expats and Minority Stress



Evidence shows that people who belong in multiple minority groups, such as LGBTQ with foreign ethnic background, are more likely to get exposed to experiences of stigmatisation and discrimination, and are more vulnerable to "minority stress".

In Colourful Heart's first mental health study session in English, we invite the bilingual psychotherapist Taeko Yamada, with whom we will explore the psychiatric implications of minority stress among LGBTQ+ non-Japanese living in Japan. We will also discuss the ways to deal with difficult situations and provide information on where to find support.

Please note: This session will be held in ENGLISH ONLY. Japanese interpretation will not be provided.

Event details:
Date & Time: Sun 23 January 2022, 2pm-3.30pm
Tickets: Free (donations welcome. People who purchase donation tickets will receive Colourful Heart's Mental Health Guidebook, upon request)

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